As my colleague Anko mentioned in his blog MSF finally rocks. Anko has been working with MSF for ages and is really one of the MSF dinosaurs. While working with him he told and teach me a lot about MSF. Besides Business Intelligence (BI), Team foundation Server(TFS) is one of objectives and is very strong connected to MSF. Since TFS is being used by more and more companies MSF rocks as well. The result is that we are more and more invited to talk about MSF in combination with TFS. I like to talk about it and hope you will be interested too.

The presentations:

  1. Cyco Software (in-company, 21 November)
  2. DotNed (23 November)

At Tech•Ed: IT Forum in Barcelona, Spain, Bob Muglia also announced updated MSF process guidance to support users of Team Edition for Database Professionals (see Promise to Customers: Advance the Business With IT Solutions).

Process guidance for database professionals included in the Microsoft Solutions Framework. This process guidance is the first of its kind in the industry and demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to making the database professional a full-fledged participant in the application life cycle.

You can download the updated process guidance today:

MSF for Agile Software Development Process GuidanceMSF for Agile Software Development Process Guidance
This download contains an update to the agile process guidance that ships with Visual Studio 2005 Tem System. MSF for Agile Software Development is a scenario-driven, context-based, agile software development process that utilizes many of the ideas embodied in Team System. Version 4.1 provides new guidance for the Database Professionals to use Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals.

MSF for CMMI Process Improvement Process GuidanceMSF for CMMI Process Improvement Process Guidance
This download includes the MSF for CMMI® Process Improvement process guidance, which is a highly iterative, adaptive planning, agile software development process which meets the requirements for the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 3. Version 4.1 provides new guidance for the Database Professionals to use Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals.

Finally the team has added a complete WssTasks.xml, so you can easily upgrade your process guidance for new projects as well. In the next following steps I will explain it to you.

Update your Process Guidance template

Step 1 Download the process template you want to update guidance on

Step 2 Remove all files from the “Windows SharePoint Services” folder in the process template you downloaded

Step 3 Extract your Process Guidance 4.1 to the “Windows SharePoint Services” folder

Step 4 Upload the updated process template back to TFS

Step 5 Create a new project based on the updated Process Guidance

Before uploading you can delete the first Process Guidance, cause all other projects based on the previous Guidance have already created their own sources. In the next steps I will explain how to easily update your other projects.

Update your SharePoint Document Libraries

Step 1 Map a Network Drive to the SharePoint Document Library Process Guidance
e.g. http://Server/Sites/Team Project/Process Guidance (Server name of machine or site; Team Project name of project). Make sure your WebClient service is started.

Step 2 Extract the contents of the Process Guidance 4.1 to a temp folder

Step 3 Bulk copy all the files from Process Guidance to the share

Step 4 Update all other Document Libraries (Project Management, Requirements, Security & Test)

After these steps your projects will contain the newest Process Guidance. You can test if the upgrade succeeded by opening the following URL http://Server/Sites/Team Project/Process Guidance/Supporting Files/DatabaseDeveloper.htm and check if the Database Administrator and Database Developer are added to your team roles.

Updated Process Guidance - MSF 4.1 

The data team did a great job to not only add a nice add-on to Visual Studio Team System, but also extended the Process Guidance so the add-on also fits perfectly in MSF.