The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information related to movies, actors, television shows, production crew personnel, and video games. IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by Amazon.com. Since I'm a big fan of this site and still loves to use Internet Explorer, why can't I combine these two.

With Activities, you can access your services from any webpage. Activities simplify the common task of copying, navigating, and pasting into a single action. Users can access an Activity on selection simply by selecting content and opening the context menu. For example, users can select an address on a webpage and the Activity button appears. Alternatively, you can access selection Activities from the context menu. Activities are also available for the current webpage in the Page menu on the Command bar and for links within a page in the context menu for the link.

The XML namespace for Activities is: http://www.microsoft.com/schemas/openservicedescription/1.0 The main components to the format are:

  • homepageUrl
  • display (Name, Icon, Description)
  • activity (Category)
    • activityAction (Context ["selection", "document", or "link"])
      • preview
        • parameter
      • execute
        • parameter

This is my activity for IMDb. I added it to same category as all Search activities. Save the file as SearchIMDb.xml.

    1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    2   <openServiceDescription xmlns="http://www.microsoft.com/schemas/openservicedescription/1.0">

    3   <homepageUrl>http://www.imdb.com</homepageUrl>

    4   <display>

    5     <name>Search with IMDb</name>

    6     <icon>http://www.imdb.com/favicon.ico</icon>

    7   </display>

    8   <activity category="Search">

    9     <activityAction context="selection">

   10       <execute action="http://www.imdb.com/find">

   11         <parameter name="s" value="all"/>

   12         <parameter name="q" value="{selection}"/>

   13       </execute>

   14     </activityAction>

   15   </activity>

   20 </openServiceDescription>

Click the link below to add this activity to your IE.

Add IMDb Activity 

Update: Community Server won't allow me to add javascript to my blog posts. This is the link you should add to an html file. 

    1 <a onclick="java script:window.external.addService('SearchIMDb.xml')" href="#">Add IMDb Activity</a>

After installing the activity you can also change it to a default activity.


This will result in the following possibilities


I created a simple activity for IMDb, but you easily create some activities for Torrent sites (especially if your from Italy), MSDN, Wikipedia etc. To install a activity the installer must be run from a Web Server, this can't be from a local hard drive. Here are some interesting links:

Activities white paper

Activities Hands-On Lab


Dennis tagged me to do this thing and as Alex mentioned in his blog "With all the big names and blog-gurus tagged, eventually the less known/unknown ones had to be reached." Besides this I'm wondering, like everybody else, when has this game started and how long can this go on. So, this meme is all about the five things you wouldn’t know about me.

  1. I got my first official diploma when I was 23 (swimming and snare laces excluded). I then graduated at a Dutch polytechnic (HTS) and became an IT-engineer. Before then I had never finished an other school, which frustrated my parents. The first school I skipped, because most of the students had to redo the same year, which in mine opinion wasn't a good idea. The second I didn't finish because it looked at the time it was taking to much time. Luckily for me, everything sorted out perfectly, but it could have been the other way around as well.
  2. When I was 14 and 15 I injured myself very badly. On the age of 14 I ran true a glass door. It sounds kind of silly, but you had to be there to understand it. I have scarves al over my body but the most of them you can't see that easily anymore (aging is perfect thing). A few stitches are just above my eyes, so I could have been blind forsake. On the age of 15 I wounded my right foot in France in the middle of nowhere. I had an arterial bleeding and cut four out five of my tendons. I stayed for two weeks in a France hospital where almost nobody spoke English accept one doctor. I never have learned so much France in such a small period of time.

  3. In 2000 I married Esther in the Caribbean, to be precise in Bridgetown, Barbados. Just the two of us, without any friends or parents. My mum still calls it a black day in her life, but for me and Esther it was a great experience. We had to find our own witnesses and found ourselves some great friends from Wales, who still meet each year. I love to have some kids a soon as I met Esther, but she persuaded me to have some kids when we were married. Justin and Loïs are now 5 and 3 years old. By the way I'm 32 and Esther is 33.
  4. At the age of 22 I wanted to impress my current wife by playing soccer. Both of her brothers played in the first team of our local soccer team. I stopped playing soccer at the age of 11, but I was confident that I could play at the same level as her two brothers. Within a couple of weeks I got injured at my left upper leg, but I didn't spend much time on that issue then. A few weeks later I had to quit, because a clot stopped me from playing. Nowadays I still can't play soccer, but other sports are no problem anymore.
  5. My last item is maybe the funniest one. I didn't play computer games till last Christmas. My wife bought my son a second-hand psone. And to comfort him, I downloaded some games from the Net. I played Gran Turismo, Fifa (I do can play soccer again) and some other games. Maybe I'll buy him a PS3 ;-).

My turn to tag people: