TFS to TFS Migration Tool

Christmas comes early this year. Microsoft is releasing cool tools by the day. One of these tools is the TFS to TFS Migration Tool. With this tool you're able to migrate your work items and source from one TFS server to another. Since a lot of my customers started with TFS as soon as it was available, they started putting code in it. But before you can add code to the Version Control of TFS, you have a process as well. Most of my customers chose MSF Agile, but in time they changed, chose another one or deleted some of its features. In some cases you just want to start all over again, but nobody is willing to offer the history of their sources.


Check for the full details. Download it today and tomorrow you can rearrange all you projects. Keep in mind this tool will work for the same server as well on other servers. When you migrate on the same server, your sources won't be destroyed since TFS 2005 doesn't support such a feature. You sources will deleted but still be visible for users who wants to see deleted files.


This tool was built using the Migration and Sync Toolkit, so it should prove to be useful for anyone that is writing a custom migration tool.  We have received some comments in the past about the WSS to TFS sample tools containing too much WSS specific code that makes it hard to understand the toolkit.  Although this tool has plenty of TFS specific code, it will probably more closely resemble a tool built to integrate with another version control or work item tracking system.  There is also a GUI built on top of the tool to make configuration easier, which also serves as a good example of how to build a configuration layer for a custom migration tool.


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