How about one Team Foundation Server portal? I had a dream!

Last night I had a dream about the future of TFS. Wouldn't it be nice if we had one single portal on which all my team projects and their web interfaces resides. That you could easily search across libraries and projects and relate those projects by using site hierarchies. Reports and other functionality will be really exist in those sites and all options are fully integrated. I know it's a dream, but some dreams ....

If you have read Brian Harry's blog about the future of TFS, there is possibility MS is aiming at this goal too. He mentions Office SharePoint Server 2007. And when I think of MOSS in combination with TFS, this picture immediately pops up in my head.

TFS portal on which all team projects and their sub projects resides

All Team sites have all the nice features of WSS v3.

For Example:

  • Customize your sites quickly
  • Better control with master pages
  • Send e-mail to a SharePoint site
  • Get mobile access to a SharePoint list
  • Poll people more effectively with improved surveys
  • Receive updates about lists and libraries with RSS Feeds
  • Track your work with improved calendars
  • Copy documents easily to another location
  • Better management of versions
  • Better document recovery

Team Project running on WSS v3 site

Note: You can already use WSS v3 in a TFS v1 environment. To do so follow this guide.

Another thing which was fully integrated in my dream was the reporting functionality. Reporting Services can be integrated in WSS v3 and Office SharePoint Server 2007 as you can read in a old blog of my. This way all permissions can be set within WSS and will give you a consolidated place to manage security. Nowadays when using Team Foundation Server you have to set rights in TFS, SharePoint and Reporting Services. Wouldn't it be nice to only support TFS and SharePoint.

Reporting fully integrated in SharePoint

Just a couple of days ago MS acquired acquired DevBiz Business Solutions, the makers of the popular TeamPlain Web Access for Team System. To read the complete article about this acquiring check this blog of Brian Harry. Again a great tool for TFS, but also a new web site with its own management and its own look and feel. In my dream release 3 of this product will fulfill my wishes and TeamPlain uses SharePoint as its container.

TeamPlain integrated in SharePoint

Personally I don't think my dream will be realized in Orcas, but hopefully in Rosario. Another interesting part left from the UI of a standard TFS environment is an integration with Outlook. Who doesn't want to sync their Tasks with TFS? So come' on guys acquire Personify Design and you can release TeamLook as a VSTS Power Tool as well. I know there's a free Outlook Addin utility from the SRL Team, works great by the way, but sometimes you just want to have dreams. πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “How about one Team Foundation Server portal? I had a dream!

  1. Marco Stolk

    Damn, some nice ideas! Maybe i had the same dream, but can you tell me how you make screenshots of your dreams? Is that a plugin? And where is it on codeplex?


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