The first Application Template for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 now available

Christmas do come early this year. The SharePoint team in Japan has just finished working on the next version of their popular team productivity application template, GroupBoard Workspace 2007. This is the first of the “Fantastic 40” Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 early next year

The GroupBoard Workspace template creates a space for a group or team to connect and share information in a collaborative environment, improving team efficiency and productivity. The template helps track team member whereabouts and status, and includes a built-in timecard list and organization chart. Meetings can be scheduled with attendees, and meeting rooms and other resources can be reserved. It also enables members to share phone messages and circulate memos.

Check out the following pics for some detailed info.


Time card


I repeat my first sentence by claiming Christmas do come early this year. I can't hardly wait till the other 39 Application Templates will be released.


18 thoughts on “The first Application Template for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 now available

  1. Wesley

    Hi i am having issues using this workboard. i am able to install this site definition but when i want to use it i get the following error.

    Failed to instantiate file "default.master" from module "DefaultMasterPage": Source path "default.master" not found.

    Has anyone else expierienced this issue if you have, and have been able to fix it please could you give me some pointers on how to fix this issue.

    Thanx in advance

  2. Hi I've downloaded the 40 templates for Windows Sahrepount Services 3.0 but when I want to Install them I kind of get lost 😛 the problem I have is with the step: "Pull the solution file, ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp, from the extracted distribution. This solution file will be added to the solution store, a table in the Windows SharePoint Services configuration store that holds solution files." So then I can "Via command line, run stsadm –o addsolution –filename ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp", please cpould you help me I have really no idea on what is the solution store...please some help .... my mail es I would really appreceate some help.

  3. Gary


    I had the same problem with the default.master error creating the new site. I realized that what I had done was used my own suffix instead of SAMPLE... I used PM. I copied the STS folder in 1033 and renamed it PM. I then copied the STS folder in the SiteTemplates directory and renamed it PM. I then copied the webtemp.xml file in 1033/xml and renamed it webtemppm.xml. What I screwed up was in the webtemppm.xml file I left the template name set to SAMPLE in the XML markup. I received the same error. I tried the execadmsvcjobs and it didn't help, as the wsp showed no errors. I went back through everything and noticed that the template name should have been set to PM. I changed it and then everything worked fine.


  4. Mike Wilson

    Anyone know if/where we can get the Visual Studio source for the Helpdesk Application? We need to find a way to add a Department Field to the New & Edit Service Request Forms.

    Any Info is Helpful please email me at - subject 'sharepoint' (to make sure you get through my email filters)


  5. Resolution related to ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp command line error:

    Finally what helped to us is as following:

    1)Download the solution .EXE file to your computer.

    2)Run the .EXE file to unpack the template file

    to a location on your computer.

    Copy ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp file in to

    C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12BIN location

    3)Click on Start

    4)Click on Run

    5)Type Cmd

    6)Type CD C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12BIN

    7)Type(Don't paste, that would not work)following command

    STSADM.EXE -o addsolution -filename ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp



  6. Rick V

    I was getting the "Failed to instantiate file "default.master" from module "DefaultMasterPage": Source path "default.master" not found." error. All it was, I had copied the webtemp.xml file and forgot to change the template name. Went back and changed it and it works fine for me. Thanks a heap to Gary.

  7. Nitin

    I have successfully added and deployed one of the templates on my sharepoint central admin
    But on creating a website based on the template i get a error message-
    Unknown error

    can any one help me out with this

  8. Saurabh

    I am getting the error "Failed to instantiate file "default.master" from module "DefaultMasterPage"

    and i have checked number of times......Tempalte name is same as my Directory name in SiteTemplates

  9. Swash


    I just installed the WSS so I am quite new at WSS. I managed to configured and setup a test site. the next step, I would like to deploy my own *.master page. how do I do this?



  10. John Snow

    This is a great template. I was just wondering if any one knows of a place where we can get information on how to modify the template.

  11. Ole

    Hi, When I install the gbw on windows server 2008 I get error Access Denied on the CMD window that is popping up even when I use Admin|. Any fixes?

  12. Simar Ahuja

    Thanks a lot Pankaj.
    I was stuck with that for a long time. Copying to the same folder worked. i don't understand why giving the absolute path/ adding location of the file to tghe path didn't work.

    Also, I actually have a 64 bit Server 2003 install and as per:

    there should be a stsadm.exe in here:
    %drive%program files (x86)common filesmicrosoft sharedweb server extensions12bin

    ..instead stsadm.exe is found in the location appropriate for the 32 bit install.

    Does anyone have any idea about this?


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