Why you should upgrade TFS V1 to WSS 3.0

An update of this blog is available. In the new blog I refuted all point which has been carried by Jason Barile. This blog describes of full Guide which every TFS administrator can follow to upgrade to WSS v3.

Before you read this post I must warn you, this solution is as is. I'm trained professional so don't do this at work. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

According to Jason Barile, you will not be able to create project portals for TFS projects if you upgrade Windows SharePoint Services v2 to v3.

Via Jason: If you happen to upgrade your WSS2.0 to WSS3.0, you can expect the following behavior:

  • The Team Explorer's 'Documents' node will have a red x on it and will not expand. 
  • Team Project Creation Wizard will fail with the standard templates, only templates with all WSS functionality removed will work. 
  • You will not be able to browse to the site by right-clicking on the project and selecting 'Open Project Portal'. 

Although I believe him, I would like to test it myself. The first two bullets are really necessary to use it in your Team Project environment. The last bullet is not a show stopper, but as a developer it can be very handy for going to the portal or create document libraries, folders and documents from the Team Explorer.

Why should you want to upgrade to WSS 3.0?

For Example:

  • Customize your sites quickly
  • Better control with master pages
  • Send e-mail to a SharePoint site
  • Get mobile access to a SharePoint list
  • Poll people more effectively with improved surveys
  • Receive updates about lists and libraries with RSS Feeds
  • Track your work with improved calendars
  • Copy documents easily to another location
  • Better management of versions
  • Better document recovery

Should I go on or should I show you how to upgrade.

How to install
When you try to install one of the default upgrades it can give you several errors and unfortunately this isn't the correct way for upgrading right now.

Upgrade WSS 2.0 -> 3.0

As you can see in the picture above the default instance of WSS 2.0 is created by the TFSSERVICE account. It isn't even possible to install and configure a WSS 2.0 site yourself (e.g. Create permissions, set databases). The configuration is done by the TFSSERVICE account, so that's maybe an issue why you can't upgrade. Mine TFSSERVICE account only has "Log on as a Service" policy enabled as mentioned in Rob Caron's installation guide. So select 'No, do not upgrade at this time'.

How to configure
After installing WSS 3.0 you can't extend your WSS 2.0 site, but you can create a new Web Application which is using the same site location (e.g C:inetpubwwwroot) and same content database (STS_Content_TFS) as your WSS 2.0 site uses. Before you create your new Web Application you first have to prescan the site with prescan.exe. Just use the /all attribute and the site is ready to upgrade. Use all values (as given) to overwrite your previous site, use port 80 to open it for TFS and name the site (e.g. SharePoint - 80). After the Application is created you need to reset IIS by using iisreset /noforce. This way the site will be reloaded and uses all his new configuration settings including those of SharePoint.

Upgrade your Team Project server

Check the result
Jason expected the following result "The Team Explorer's 'Documents' node will have a red x on it and will not expand." but it's working perfectly. You not only upgraded one Team Project site, but you upgraded all subsites of http://server/sites. Besides showing the documents in Team Explorer, you also use all the features in it (e.g Show Project Portal..., New Document Library..., Upload Document... and New Folder).

Bullet 1 is off the list

Still one red x to go. Check your Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to see there are two sites configured at port 80. The 'Default Web Site' and the new configured site 'SharePoint - 80'. The report server doesn't work anymore cause you created a new Web Application. We have to reconfigure SSRS. You may delete your 'Default Web Site' because you just created a new one.

Reconfigure SSRS
Back in the old days ๐Ÿ˜‰ configuring SSRS was quite a job. Luckily we now have the Reporting Services Configuration Manager. With this manager it's easy to create the two Virtual Directories with the correct setting and permissions needed. The only thing left is to change the Application Pool for both directories. You can do this in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager by selecting 'ReportServer' in the properties dialog of one of the directories. When you finished with this option you can click Refresh in the Reporting Services Configuration Manager and the Web Service Identity will be mark as correct. After doing this you can refresh your Team Explorer and look at the result. As you can see in the image everything works perfectly.

Complete the upgrade

How about new Team Projects
Having upgraded your old WSS 2.0 sites to WSS 3.0 sites you can ask yourself the question "Can I still create new Team Projects?". Jason expected the following "Team Project Creation Wizard will fail with the standard templates, only templates with all WSS functionality removed will work.". It's even worse because you can't use any template at all. I've tried to create a Site Template "VSTS_MSFAgile" (This name can be found in WssTasks.XML which is part of the Process Guidance) based on a previous project. As you can see in the next image it's not working.

Create a new Project

Finally I ended by downloading my default Process Guidance and cleared the WssTasks.XML. After customizing the Process Template I uploaded it to TFS. As you can see it's almost empty. I only added the portal tags, so the plugin won't fail.

Content of WssTasks.XML

By doing this you are able to create a new Team Project without having any errors. You now have to create a site using SharePoint Central Administration. It's up to you what site template you want to use because you could even use a Team Site template. The only important part is, is to create at the http://server/sites location and give it exactly the same name as your Team Project. You now have created a new site using WSS 3.0 which can be used in a TFS V1 environment. It's a good idea to create a default site definition which already has all the TFS documents for your process in it. Or you can just copy all files using the Web Client service by connecting to one of the created document libraries (e.g. http://server/sites/teamproject/process guidance). It's not perfect but it works, so bullet two is gone as well.

Newly created Team Project

I hope you're as excited as I'm and will soon upgrade you TFS environment to WSS 3.0. Ok, there are some disadvantages, but compare to the advantages of WSS 3.0, at least give it a shot. Of course this is as is, so Microsoft will not support this upgrade. As Jason mentioned in his blog "the upcoming service pack for TFS will not add support for WSS 3.0.  We are investigating options for supporting WSS3.0 and beyond in future releases of TFS." Why is Microsoft trying so hard to not use this feature in a service pack update. Why is the team trying so hard to push us in the direction of 'Orcas'. 'Orcas' is great update (Read Brian Harry post about the TFS roadmap, he doesn't even mention WSS 3.0) and I will certainly advise everybody to upgrade, but WSS 3.0 has nothing to do with 'Orcas'. It's just laziness of the team or orders from the management above. After upgrading to WSS 3.0, you can even install SP1 for TFS and uninstall WSS 2.0, without harming the system. If you've upgraded to SP1 and you uses Office 2007 this system really rocks. You get even more advantages, because Office 2007 integrates seamlessly with TFS and WSS 3.0.

Office 2007 using TFS

Please TFS Team help us

  • Jason bullet 1; Just make sure the WSS 2.0 databases are ready to update. So all people don't have to follow my workaround.
  • Jason bullet 2; Just update the plugin for SharePoint (Microsoft.ProjectCreationWizard.Portal). How hard can it be to use the services of WSS 3.0.
  • Jason bullet 3; No issue, just reboot your system after all these changes.

How hard can it be? Lots of people invested in a marvelous SDLC tool, why can't they upgrade easily to WSS 3.0. It's free, it's full off nice features and they are ready for future.


12 thoughts on “Why you should upgrade TFS V1 to WSS 3.0

  1. I'm impressed with the effort you put it to try to get this working. I don't think it will be for everyone but if it works for you, that's cool. The last remaining issue that you may hit is when you try to upgrade to a future version of TFS. You may find yourself trying to hack your way through that too.

    You said in the post above that my Orcas roadmap doesn't mention WSS3.0 support. Actually the very first bullet point in the roadmap feature list is:

    Share Point 2007 support

    Share Point 2007 is WSS 3.0. We will be providing support for WSS 3.0 and increased flexibility in SharePoint configuration in general. Hopefully this will make WSS 3.0 and TFS integration approachable for everyone.


  2. Mike, thanks for the detailed walkthrough complete with screenshots! I'm going to have to sit down with your steps this week to walk through them myself & better understand the full impact of what you've suggested on TFS. Great blog!

  3. Brian,
    Thnx for your comments. Of course I noticed your support for SharePoint 2007 in the Roadmap. I only thought this will give us some extras as well. Like searching in team project sites, Extra BI functionality to monitor your projects and Form Services to fill in Work Items in a Web browser. With these functionalities I understand you canโ€™t upgrade right now, thatโ€™s why you have a TFS Roadmap. But Iโ€™ve expected an upgrade of WSS in a Service Pack.

    Hopefully you will test my new upgrade guide, to see everything works very smoothly.

    Luckily there are also people who will keep you focused. This way I took the liberty to search for the real problem, without changing the Process Template.

    The rest who added any comment or emailed me, I hope to hear from you all soon. (Good or bad test results.)

    Grtnx, Mike

  4. Doug

    Im using TFS and eed to upgrade Sharepoint Services so that it is compatible with MS ProjectServer 2007 (2003 not supported now). The whole point of this is the pipelining of work items and timesheet items back into the project plan.
    Has any one here explored the Project Server integration (either using the SDK or the connector from http://www.avanadeadvisor.com/
    ProjectServer 2003 insists on SQL2000 (OLAP) not so with ProjectServer 2007.
    TFS is very happy with SQL2005.
    This is why I have to upgrade WSS 3.0.

  5. Tony

    Quote "An update of this blog is available. In the new blog I refuted all point which has been carried by Jason Barile. This blog describes of full Guide which every TFS administrator can follow to upgrade to WSS v3."

    What is the url to the new blog?

  6. Uday

    Am presently using WSS 2.o and now looking for MOSS to e hosted and used. What would be the part played by TFS if installed? Would it effect in anyway without the TFS and host only MOSS and start creating. Please kinldy throw some light in this area. Thanks in advance. Regards Uday

  7. David

    I am trying to use this new product TFS Data Manger. It looks like it will solve my problem of backing up and recovering an entity. Has anyone used it for project renaming or other functions? Can some of you try it as well?


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