Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals CTP7

The Microsoft Data Dude Team is proud to announce that CTP7 (2.0.50727.222) is already here. I was only able to use CTP6 for two weeks since Microsoft released it and they already updated their product again. CTP7 of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals aka "Data Dude" can be found here. This version as GertD told us is going to be the last CTP before the release of the full version. He also mentioned all the changes carried out in CTP7.

Setup and About screen

Several people already talked about the features and possibilities of the product. Some of them include:

  • Schema and Data Comparison
  • Data Generation
  • Enhanced T-SQL Editor
  • Refactoring
  • Unit Testing
  • Database Deployment

The nice thing of this Visual Studio product, database developers are finally able to work like other programmers. Extreme Programming is useful and through Visual Studio projects and source control more developers will be able to work on a single database. Unfortunally its only possible to create a SQL Server 2000 and 2005 database project. Maybe other 3rd party companies can extend these possibilities. You can also ask yourself the question "Are there any other databases" ;-).

Here are some screen dumps of the product.

Sulution Explorer and Schema View

Refactoring a script

Unit testing a script

I can hardly wait till their RTM will be released. Team Edition for Database Professionals is like an add-on for Visual Studio Team Edition. I don't understand why they didn't create all team editions as add-ons. Now you always have to use a complete iso-images to only add a few extra tools for testing (for Testers) or modelling (for Architects)

In this blog you can read The What, The Why, The How of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals.

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