Vista released November 23th? Office 2007 Beta ends.

When exactly the introduction of Windows Vista takes place in the Netherlands, is still a riddle. In Canada the launching will be November 23th. On the Canadian Msdn-website Microsoft announces a large event where Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange server 2007 are launched. The introduction takes place in the Canadian Edmonton.

It's the first time that Microsoft mentions a concrete date when Vista are provided. So far Microsoft have only said that manufacturers and business customers can have Vista in November. For consumers the software is provided in January 2007. The introduction of the operating system Windows Vista has been postponed several times. According to the information on Canadian Msdn-website, Vista is now really tied to a schedule.  

Office 2007 Beta
Microsoft has announced that the Office 2007 beta will end soon. You can read this on Let me summarize the key points:

  • 10/25 the Office Preview site will be closed down. You will not be able to download Beta2TR after 10/25. All other information currently found on the Office Preview site will be migrated to the Office Online website.
  • 10/28 - Technical support gets a new home Beginning October 28, support for Office 2007 products will transition from the Beta support newsgroups staffed by Office employees to the in-market product support provided by Microsoft Customer Service and Support.
  • 10/30 - BetaPlace website and support newsgroups ( close down.
  • 10/31 - SharePoint team sites decommissioned The team site that you have been using at [name] will be shut down on October 31. If you have any important files or information stored on your team site, you need to store a local copy, as all data on your site will be destroyed when the site is decommissioned.

Some other important information include:

There will be no new releases beyond B2TR. The B2TR build is set to expire on March 15, 2007 for all client products and May 31, 2007 for all server products. You may upgrade/migrate server products from Beta2TR to the retail release. However, all Beta version client applications (Office Professional, Visio, SharePoint Designer, etc.) will need to be uninstalled before you install retail versions on your machine.

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